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Graham County

Graham County Fair

2016 Theme: Come Have S'More fun at the Graham County Fair!

2017 Fairbook

2017 Fair Schedule

2017 Graham County 4-H Pre-Entry Forms:

Pre-Entry Information Letter including due dates

Pre-Entry Form

Livestock Information Letter including due dates

Livestock Pre-Entry Form

4-H Horse Show Entry Form

Open Class Horse Show Entry Form

Clothing Project Letter including due dates

Clothing Buymanship Form

Cost Per Wear Form (for seniors only)

Clothing Construction Evaluation Form

Clothing Construction Style Revue Form

Style Revue Questionnaire

Style Revue Script Card Directions

Kansas 4-H Dog Show Guide

Horse Rule Book

Dog Agility Book

Dog Show Rule Book

Exhibiting Fruits and Vegetables for Fair

Exhibiting Photography for Fair

Guide Books of All Categories 

Horse Show Results