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Graham County

Extension Council

The County Extension Council Law of 1951 gives county residents the right to elect an extension council to plan educational programs in agriculture, home economics, 4-H and youth, and economic development. All citizens of voting age are eligible to vote in the elections. Extension Council members keep elected officials, particularly county commissioners and legislators, informed of local educational needs as well as the benefits local extension programs provide.

The County Extension Council is composed of 24 members. Six are elected in each of 4 program areas, Agriculture, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community Development. Each individual is elected to serve two years. Term limits are for two, two year terms. These six members in each of the 4 program areas create the core of County Program Development Committees. At least one member from each Program Development Committee is represented on the board. The Executive Board meets monthly and has the responsibility of conducting all Extension Council business. It appoints and supervises agents and approves program development plans of the Program Development Committees. To get more information on how you could be nominated, how you can vote, and the overall election process, contact the County Extension Director.

At the annual meeting, the County Extension Council elects from its own members, nine individuals to serve on the County Extension Executive Board, consisting of a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and five other members.

ChairJennifer Windholz
Vice ChairSara Riedel
SecretaryMichelle Billips
TreasurerSuzie McDowell
Other MembersBrandy Born
 Julie Roberts
 Mindy Bieker
 Sue Rohleder
 Whitney DuBois

Program Development Committees (PDC)

There are four Program Development Committees (PDC): Agriculture, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Economic/Community Development. The PDC identifies educational needs, develops extension programs, and assists with program evaluation. The PDC work cooperatively to provide a unified county extension program. The following are the 2015 PDC members:

Agriculture and Natural ResourcesFamily and Consumer Sciences4-H Youth DevelopmentCommunity Development
Chair: Mike Noltimier (2015)Chair: Kim Herman (2015)Chair: Mindy Bieker (2015)Chair: Whitney DuBois (2016)
Recorder: Roseanne Billips (2016)Recorder: Megan Hart (2015)Recorder: Robert Segarra (2016)Recorder: Zack Thompson (2016)
Julie Roberts (2015)Michelle Billips (2015)Melanie Kennedy (2015)Kappi Billips (2015)
Sara Riedel (2015)Suzie McDowell (2016)Kim Nickelson (2015)Carl Keith (2015)
Stephanie David (2016)Sara Keiswetter (2016)Brandy Born (2016)Jennifer Windholz (2016)
Sue Rohleder (2016)Leanne Minium (2016)Shelly Reynolds (2016)Dana Tremblay (2016)